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Yearly organized in the month with the first autumn signs, and from which it has borrowed its identity, the music festival “Il Settembre dell’Accademia” is the heart of the music activity supported by the Accademia Filarmonica di Verona. Starting from the early concert experiences at the end of the Eighties of last century, the festival has been lived a constant development in the course of time through the progressive achievement of its own performance philosophy. Among the Accademia Filarmonica’s events, the “Settembre” substantially expresses the tradition, realizing a path of listening in search of the most significant interpretative reflections. In that perspective, the artistic offer is characterized by a steady attention towards the great orchestras and the most eminent soloists in the international and Italian panorama, committing the effectiveness of the project to the space and temporal continuity which can be perceived inside the event place, that is the Teatro Filarmonico. Conceived by the current Accademia Filarmonica’s President, Dott. Luigi Tuppini, that season has become the sensitive witness to the evolution in the music taste and theatrical reality during the last years: the pursuit of a perfect consonance among the stylish contents and the interpretative personalities has been promoted before the most composite transformations, wishing to offer the listener a deep cultural experience by means of a constant music deepening.

Source: Library of the Accademia Filarmonica of Verona